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Cosma is a directory of the best resources on the Web!

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These are 360° YouTube videos -- press and hold to explore!

You can now fly around Google Earth in virtual reality (Adi Robertson, The Verge)
Google Earth VR (Google, Official Site)

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3D gallery

Explore the Cosma directory on this site using a 3D gallery built in the virtual world SecondLife. The 3D gallery is an interface with hundreds of fun interactive objects framed within thematically organized spaces. Each thematic space has “Magic Doors” that give landmarks to some of the best sites in SecondLife, “Magic Windows” that link to pages on this site and other special objects that link to great sites on the Web.


Knowledge Park, Exploration Area (K-Place v.1.6)
Providing a free and public knowledge navigation nexus
to the best of SecondLife and the Web since 2006!

This video shows a "walk-through" of Knowledge Park.

2D gallery

Simply click on these pictures to wander the web!

fun.png toys.png hobbies.png fashion.gif music.png chessboard.png planet.gif earth.gif tree.gif flower.gif butterfly.gif bee.gif fish.gif frog.gif jay.gif parrot.gif walrus.gif mouse.gif horse.gif bear.gif lion.gif dog.gif monkey.gif blank.gif more...


Here is just a small sample of the subjects that you can explore!

fun music fashion toys games scrabble chess backgammon
life plants animals butterfly bee fish bird horse bear cat dog monkey
solar system mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune
transportation sea land train car air space
information technology internet computer robot virtual reality
knowledge philosophy science history museum library
reference dictionary encyclopedia news books blank.gif more......


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