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butterfly : any of numerous slender-bodied diurnal lepidopteran insects including one superfamily (apilionoidea) with broad often brightly colored wings and usually another superfamily comprising the skippers (butterfly, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

invertebrate blank.gifThe most well known invertebrate is the arthropod. Here are some famous arthropods:
insect blank.gifbeetleblank.gifbutterflyblank.gifantblank.gifbeeblank.gif arachnid blank.gifspiderblank.gifscorpionblank.gif crustacean blank.gifshrimpblank.giflobsterblank.gifcrab


Butterfly Metamorphosis

Waynes Word, Butterflies

'Habitat-enhanced' vineyards are good for butterflies (Brooks Hays, UPI)
Vineyard natural habitats assist with butterfly comeback (Scott Weybright, Washington State University)


How to Plant a Butterfly Garden - This Old House

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardening (The Butterfly Site)
Butterfly gardening (Wikipedia)


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Insects (including Butterflies) News -- ScienceDaily
  • Wasps and wine: Paper wasps contribute to sour rot disease, a scourge of wine industry Yesterday
    New research shows that the invasive European paper wasp, Polistes dominulus, plays a role in facilitating sour rot disease in the absence of other insects.
  • Common pesticide damages honey bees' ability to fly Yesterday
    Biologists have provided the first evidence that a widely used pesticide can significantly impair the ability of otherwise healthy honey bees to fly. The study, which employed a bee “flight mill,” raises concerns about how pesticides affect honey bee pollination and long-term effects on the health of honey bee colonies.
  • Insecticide-induced leg loss does not eliminate biting, reproduction in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes Tuesday
    Mosquitoes that lose multiple legs after contact with insecticide may still be able to spread malaria and lay eggs. Leg loss is a common outcome of insecticide exposure, and guidelines dictate that mosquitoes that survive insecticide exposure with fewer than three legs should be considered dead. The implicit assumption is that these mosquitoes are unable to bite humans, and therefore do not contribute to malaria transmission. However, a new study examined whether leg loss inhibits mosquito bi...
  • Wax worm caterpillar will eat plastic shopping bags: New solution to plastic waste? Monday
    Generally speaking, plastic is incredibly resistant to breaking down. That's certainly true of the trillion polyethylene plastic bags that people use each and every year. But researchers may be on track to find a solution to plastic waste. The key is a caterpillar commonly known as a wax worm.
  • The Radiohead ant: A new species of 'silky' ant grows fungus gardens for food Monday
    A new species of silky ant has been named after the famous British band Radiohead in honor of the musicians' environmental efforts, especially in raising climate-change awareness. Two scientists report the discovery of three new species in a detailed revision of this previously poorly known genus of fungus-farming ants.

Butterflies - Google News
  • Monarch Tracker: See where Michigan's first butterflies are arriving - MLive.com Today 6:10 am
    MLive.comMonarch Tracker: See where Michigan's first butterflies are arrivingMLive.comPAW PAW, MI - Michigan's first monarch butterflies have been spotted in the southern tier of the state - the initial wave of the annual spring migration. The new generation of winged creatures are making their way north after overwintering in Mexico ...
  • BUTTERFLIES IN THE GARDEN: Annual Monarch festival gets new lush location - Evening News and Tribune Today 3:52 am
    Evening News and TribuneBUTTERFLIES IN THE GARDEN: Annual Monarch festival gets new lush locationEvening News and TribuneLily Sith, 4, Louisville, delights in a butterfly that decided to stick around a little while after many were released at the Monarch Festival in downtown New Albany in this file photo. Smith's grandmother, Charlotte Smith, said Lily has experience in ...
  • Birds & Butterflies offers seminars, field trips this summer - Aiken Standard Today 3:33 am
    Aiken StandardBirds & Butterflies offers seminars, field trips this summerAiken StandardSpace is limited for seminars and the number of participants for field trips also is limited, so reservations are required. They can be made by calling 803-649-7999. The non-refundable charge for each seminar and field trip is $5 per person. There is ...
  • Wyoming Valley Montessori School students meet and learn about butterflies - Citizens Voice Yesterday
    Citizens VoiceWyoming Valley Montessori School students meet and learn about butterfliesCitizens VoiceStudents at the Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston got a visit from the residents of Folk's Butterfly Farm on Wednesday. Workers from the Nescopeck farm set up a netted enclosure full of butterflies for the students to visit and held short ...
  • My View: Help, birds, butterflies and pollinators in our own back yards - Rockford Register Star Yesterday
    Rockford Register StarMy View: Help, birds, butterflies and pollinators in our own back yardsRockford Register StarChoices that we love in our yards such as hostas, day lilies, burning bush, boxwood, myrtle, pachysandra, etc. are not native and can never be host plants for our needy butterflies and birds. We can have all the nectar plants we want but without host ...


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