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butterfly : any of numerous slender-bodied diurnal lepidopteran insects including one superfamily (apilionoidea) with broad often brightly colored wings and usually another superfamily comprising the skippers (butterfly, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

invertebrate blank.gifThe most well known invertebrate is the arthropod. Here are some famous arthropods:
insect blank.gifbeetleblank.gifbutterflyblank.gifantblank.gifbeeblank.gif arachnid blank.gifspiderblank.gifscorpionblank.gif crustacean blank.gifshrimpblank.giflobsterblank.gifcrab


Butterfly Metamorphosis

Waynes Word, Butterflies

'Habitat-enhanced' vineyards are good for butterflies (Brooks Hays, UPI)
Vineyard natural habitats assist with butterfly comeback (Scott Weybright, Washington State University)


How to Plant a Butterfly Garden - This Old House

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardening (The Butterfly Site)
Butterfly gardening (Wikipedia)


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  • The butterfly effect: Extinction of fluttering moths puts your child's life in danger, affects balance of nature - Firstpost 43 minutes ago
    FirstpostThe butterfly effect: Extinction of fluttering moths puts your child's life in danger, affects balance of natureFirstpostMy son and I were standing in the garden, basking the sunshine of an early winter. He was wearing a bright yellow kurta. As he knelt on the grass, a butterfly came and settled on his back and remained motionless till he straightened up again. It was ...and more »
  • Where in the world are the butterflies in winter? - North Platte Telegraph Yesterday
    North Platte TelegraphWhere in the world are the butterflies in winter?North Platte TelegraphButterflies are a beneficial pollinator. People love to watch them in their gardens because of their delicate beauty. Once you experience them coming into your garden, you may also begin to wonder what happens to them in the wintertime. Recently I took ...
  • Nicole Kidman's fear of butterflies - Santa Maria Times (subscription) Saturday
    Nicole Kidman's fear of butterfliesSanta Maria Times (subscription)The 49-year-old actress is thought to suffer from lepidopterophobia, which is a fear of the flying insects. Taking part in a quiz about her 'Big Little Lies' co-star, Reese Witherspoon was asked to pick which of the two statements - Nicole's high ...
  • This Small City Is Setting Aside 1000 Acres For Bees And Butterflies - Huffington Post Saturday
    Huffington PostThis Small City Is Setting Aside 1000 Acres For Bees And ButterfliesHuffington PostAn Iowa city is gearing up for a major plan to create habitat for bees and butterflies. This spring, Cedar Rapids will prepare the first 188 acres of unused public land for habitat conversion into pesticide-free havens filled with native prairie ...Cedar Rapids is helping to restore the bee populationKCRGIowa City Sets Aside 1000 Acres to Save HoneybeesCare2.comOne Iowa city has a 1G-acre plan to...
  • The Butterfly Estates: A world of color in Fort Myers - The News-Press Saturday
    The News-PressThe Butterfly Estates: A world of color in Fort MyersThe News-PressThe air is alive with fluttering color at The Butterfly Estates: low-flying white peacock butterflies, soaring orange-and-black monarchs, buttery yellow-striped zebra longwings, electric-blue pipevine swallowtails and more. All flitting around a glass ...


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