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content outline
"The qualities that make humans beings unique are the ability to use symbols and the ability to use tools, so it is not at all surprising that the discipline that concerns itself with the use of symbols as a tool is one that can subsume all other disciplines and encompass the entirety of humanity’s accomplishments." Hopper

Communication is the master discipline that subsumes all other disciplines.
Cosma embodies that discipline and provides a variety of interfaces to it.
Use the outline below to systematically explore and master knowledge ...


I Communication, Framework

A. Communication

introduction communication

B. Hierarchy

introduction content data, information, knowledge, wisdom

II Media, Technology

A. Media

introduction media
format multimedia, video, image (graphic), object, scent, flavor, audio (sound), text, (writing), haptic, (motion), other media

B. Transportation

introduction transportation
mode sea, ground (train, automobile, cycle), air, space skill navigation

C. Information Technology

introduction information technology
1. systemsblank.gif communications, machine, storage, authoring, simulation
2. analogblank.gif post (mail), device (abacus, sliderule, etc.), paper, typewriter, press, automaton
3. electronicblank.gif telecommunication, calculator, tape, recorder, Elektro
4. digitalblank.gif internet, computer (preservation and history)
5. hardwareblank.gif network, motherboard, microprocessor (cpu), memory, peripheral, augmented reality (ar), virtual reality (vr) (hmds, gear!), robot
6. softwareblank.gif service, client, web, program, operating system (os), graphical user interface (gui), process, publish, present, virtual world (vr), artificial intelligence (ai)

III Knowledge, Content

A. Knowledge

introduction knowledge

B. Knowledge Navigation

introduction knowledge navigation (place, square and object)

C. Knowledge Form

introduction knowledge form
1. form general
a. generalities (000 in Dewey Decimal)
b. system blank.gif cycle complexity structure growth control disturbance entropy chaos
c. theory blank.gif philosophy blank.gif metaphysics logic epistemology ethics aesthetics
d. reference blank.gif resource dictionary encyclopedia introduction synopsis outline classification handbook manual guide directory search
2. form innovation blank.gif creativity process equipment
a. science blank.gif discovery research
b. application blank.gif invention intellectual property standard
c. commerce blank.gif entrepreneurship product
3. form preservationblank.gif history (timeline) ephemera collection catalog
a. museum blank.gif realia exhibition museum catalog
b. archive blank.gif manuscript finding aid archive catalog
c. library blank.gif book (bibliomania) bibliography library catalog (library classification, Dewey Decimal (DDC), Library of Congress (LC), Subject Heading (LCSH))
4. form participationblank.gif
a. education blank.gif school early compulsory (k-12) tertiary blank.gif curricula literacy standard course syllabi blank.gif instruction method material textbook test
b. community blank.gif resource faq facts, lists, records & trivia yearbook & almanac blank.gif person expert biography quotation
blank.gif group blank.gif occupation accreditation blank.gif social network bookmark blog forum blank.gif organization rule style guide blank.gif event blank.gif
blank.gif news blank.gif broadcast feed (rss) blank.gif publication periodical (index citation abstract contents) blank.gif book blank.gif publicity
c. government blank.gif agency document statistic law
5. form expressionblank.gif
a. entertainment blank.gif humor toy hobby game competition adventure spectacle
b. arts blank.gif performing arts blank.gif visual arts, architecture blank.gif culinary arts blank.gif language arts, music blank.gif dance, other arts
c. belief blank.gif wonder bizarre speculation hypothesis skepticism criticism forecast science fiction fantasy controversy rumor conspiracy deception illusion mystery dragon superstition folklore faith

D. Knowledge Realm

introduction knowledge realm
1. realm cosmological geography (map cartography) chronology (clock calendar)
a. region cosmos
b. regent being
2. realm physical space geography astrography space chronology astronomical time (astronomical instrument)
a. region universe galaxy star (Sun (Sol), solar system) planet (Mercury Venus Earth Mars Ceres Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Haumea Makemake Eris)
satellite (Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Haumea Eris)
b. regent mass relativity energy light force (gravity, electromagnetism) particle matter atom (periodic table) state (solid,liquid, gas, plasma) molecule
3. realm terrestrial earth geography physiography earth chronology terrestrial time
a. region earth air water land ice
b.regentblank.giflife blank.gifmicroscope blank.gif Linnaean system blank.gifmorphologyblank.gifanatomyblank.gifphysiology blank.gif cellblank.gifgeneblank.gifevolutionblank.giffossil
microorganism virus archaea prokaryote (bacteria) mitochondria chlorophlast eukaryote plant algae neither protist fungi lichen animal protozoa amoeba
plant common classification flower blank.gif tree blank.gifor blank.gif land (embryophyte, terrestrial)blank.gif water (aquatic) blank.gif air (epiphytic)
technical classification seedblank.gifangiosperm (flower dicotyledonblank.gifmonocotyledon) blank.gif gymnosperm (cone) seedlessblank.gifpteridophyta (fern, club moss) blank.gif bryophyta (moss, liverwort, hornwort)
animal invertebrate arthropod insect beetle butterfly ant bee arachnid spider scorpion crustacean shrimp lobster crab blank.gif
vertebrate cold-blooded fish amphibian reptile warm-blooded bird corvidae crow raven jay psittacine parrot
mammal chiroptera bat sirenian manatee pinniped seal walrus rodentia mouse lagomorpha rabbit artiodactyla deer camel giraffe pig cow sheep perissodactyla horse proboscidea elephant mammoth carnivora cat lion tiger dog wolf bear polar bear cetacean whale dolphin porpoise primate gorilla monkey ape
4. realm anthropological human geography anthropogeography human chronology subjective time
a. regionblank.gifhuman blank.gif America (North, South) blank.gif Afro-Eurasia (Africa, Europe, Asia) blank.gif Oceania (Australia)blank.gif Antarctica
b. regentblank.gifpeople blank.gif self body (brain) mind (emotion, cognition, personality) soul blank.gif society culture custom fashion home (family, children) celebration state world
5. realm mystical other geography celestial other chronology celestial time
a. region other hypothetical fictional mythical celestial
b. regent creature hypothetical fictional mythical celestial

IV Human, Potential

A. Human

introduction human

B. Potential, Grid

introduction human potential
1. sense (modality) blank.gif multisensory blank.gif sight smell, taste hearing touch, other senses blank.gif
2. ability (aptitude) blank.gif intelligence blank.gif mathematical, spatial blank.gif naturalistic i-personal, linguistic, musicalblank.gif kinesthetic, other abilities
3. motivation (need)blank.gifachievement blank.gif physical emotional cognitive aesthetic, other motivation
4. skill (literacy) blank.gif polymath blank.gif mathematics nurture language movement, other skills
5. medium (media)blank.gif multimedia, video blank.gif image (graphic), objectblank.gif scent, flavor audio (sound) text (writing) blank.gif haptic (motion), other media
6. arts (expression) blank.gif performing arts blank.gif visual arts, architecture blank.gif culinary arts blank.gif language arts, music blank.gif dance, other arts

V Noise, Other Factors

A. Noise

introduction noise

B. Dissonance

introduction dissonance

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