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dog : highly variable domestic mammal closely related to the gray wolf (Dog, 2015) [1]blank.gif Webster | Free | OneLook | Visuwords

puppy : a young domestic dog; specifically : one less than a year old (Puppy, 2015) [2] Webster | Free | OneLook | Visuwords

canine : an animal of the family Canidae, especially a dog (Canine, 2015) [3] blank.gif Free | OneLook | Visuwords

The domestic dog is a domesticated form of the gray wolf, a member of the Canidae family of the order Carnivora. The term is used for both feral and pet varieties. The dog may have been the first animal to be domesticated, and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and companion animal in human history. Dogs were domesticated from gray wolves about 15,000 years ago. Their value to early human settlements led to them quickly becoming ubiquitous across world cultures. Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This impact on human society has given them the nickname "Man's Best Friend" in the Western world. In 2001, there were estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world. (Dog, 2015) [4]blank.gif Wikipedia blank.gif


Cava Poo Chon The World's Perfect Puppy

Meet the cava-poo-chon: adorable new dog breed designed to never lose its puppy face (New York Daily News/AP

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Cockapoo (Wikipedia)

Dog crossbreeds (Wikipedia)
List of dog crossbreeds (Wikipedia)


Here are some other famous mammals:
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These are the most intelligent mammals:
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primate blank.gifgorillablank.gifmonkeyblank.gifapeblank.gifsee also human


Pet Care : How to Choose a Dog

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Puppy War Activities for Dogs

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Dogs Prefer Belly Rubs Over Treats

What does a dog want more — “good boy” or treats? (Kimbriell Kelly, Washington Post)
Dogs Are People, Too (Gregory Berns, New York Times)

Awake Canine fMRI Predicts Dogs’ Preference for Praise Versus Food (Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Advance Access published August 12, 2016
Neuropolicy @ Emory


Dogs Appear To Become Jealous Of Owners' Attention

Study: Jealousy Is So Universal Even Dogs Feel It (Kristen Fischer, Healthline)
Dogs display signs of jealousy, say scientists (Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience, Christian Science Monitor)
Original Study: Jealousy in Dogs (Christine R. Harris and Caroline Prouvost (PLOS ONE)


Dogs Teach Chemistry - Chemical Bonds


Soviet Space Dog, " The Reluctant Tailor " BBC, Part. 1


Strays Leading the Soviets Into Space (Dana Jennings, New York Times)


Little Puppy Bear

Morton the BEAR CUB vs Puppy - Action

Grizzly Bear Cub & Little Dog Playing

A strange relationship between dogs and bears.

Taken from the show "Jailed Polar Bear" on FirstScience.tv
Download in full from: http://firstscience.tv/polarbear.htm


Genetically Modified Beagle Glows (Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News)
"Tegon" glows bright green under ultraviolet light in a feat that could eventually help scientists track diseases.
Ruppy the Fluorescent Puppy Is World's First Transgenic Dog (Liz Colville)


Original Ewok Celebration Ending Scene - Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Ewok (Star Wars Wikia)
Ewok (Wikipedia)


Silly Dog vs. Balloons


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Turing Isle


Dogs News -- ScienceDaily
  • Wolves need space to roam to control expanding coyote populations Yesterday
    Wolves and other top predators need large ranges to be able to control smaller predators whose populations have expanded, according to a new study. The results were similar across three continents, showing that as top predators' ranges were cut back and fragmented, they were no longer able to control smaller predators.
  • New lyme disease forecast map targets rising tide of ticks May 11, 2017
    New research offers veterinarians a forecasting map that tells them which parts of the country are most at risk of Lyme disease infections in dogs, which could also help track and predict Lyme disease in people.
  • Pet dogs help kids feel less stressed May 10, 2017
    Pet dogs provide valuable social support for kids when they're stressed, according to a study by researchers, who were among the first to document stress-buffering effects of pets for children.
  • The family dog could help boost physical activity for kids with disabilities May 10, 2017
    The family dog could serve as a partner and ally in efforts to help children with disabilities incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives. A case study of one 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and his family's dog, found the intervention program led to a wide range of improvements for the child.
  • Novel antibiotic resistance gene in milk Apr 26, 2017
    A new antibiotic resistance gene has been found in bacteria from dairy cows. This gene confers resistance to all beta-lactam antibiotics including the last generation of cephalosporins used against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A transfer to S. aureus which is likely according to the researchers would jeopardize the use of reserve antibiotics to treat human infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria in hospitals.


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