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Cosma is a directory of great experiences to try!

experience : (1) the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you (2) skill or knowledge that you get by doing something (experience, 2015) [1] Webster Oxford Free OneLook Word Reference Urban Visuwords
Cosma goes beyond being just a catalog of content to also emphasizing active involvement in it!
The pages on this site highlight and suggest a wide variety of exciting experiences for you to enjoy.

Real Life (RL)


Of course, the best experiences are the real kind, so Cosma includes hundreds of ideas for things to do or see in "Real Life" (RL).

In truth, this has always been a key goal of Cosma, and so there are already thousands of experiences listed on these pages.

Watch for a new feature that highlights those existing suggestions along with providing hundreds of new ideas.

You will find everything from tours of famous museums to things you can do in your own backyard. You might want to start by trying out science projects, star gazing, starting an aquarium, beekeeping, car racing, cooking, going to the circus or even visit Middle Earth!

Virtual (3D)

You will also find pointers to hundreds of interesting 3D experiences on this site.

Again, there are already hundreds of interesting 3D activities listed on these pages, and there will soon be hundreds more.

Some of them require special software or hardware, but others work just fine in most browsers.

There is even a brand new sister site called Cosma 3D that highlights some of the best 3D experiences on this site.

You can find out a lot more about VR and 3D interfaces on the 3D Gallery page on this site.

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