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expression : a mode, means, or use of significant representation or symbolism ; especially : felicitous or vivid indication or depiction of mood or sentiment (expression, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
Self expression is expression of one's own personality, feelings, or ideas, as through speech or art: "Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment" (Pearl S. Buck). (Self expression, 2015) [2]blank.gif The Free Dictionary
"Poesy therefore is an art of imitation, for so Aristotle termeth it in his word mimesis, that is to say, a representing, counterfeiting, or figuring forth -- to speak metaphorically, a speaking picture; with this end, to teach and delight." --Sir Philip Sidney The Defense of Poesy, English Essays: Sidney to Macaulay, The Harvard Classics (Bartlby.com)


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Self-Expression - Google News
  • Why gender became the ultimate forum for self-expression - New Statesman Yesterday
    New StatesmanWhy gender became the ultimate forum for self-expressionNew StatesmanWhy gender became the ultimate forum for self-expression. Gender identity is now embedded in many people's self-perception, as well as in day-to-day bureaucracy. Sign up to the Staggers Morning Call email *. By Sarah Ditum ...
  • Tattoos or taboos? Self-expression and the treatment of tattoos in the workplace - The Charlatan Friday
    The CharlatanTattoos or taboos? Self-expression and the treatment of tattoos in the workplaceThe Charlatan“Whether you think about decorating your body with clothes, makeup, or tattoos, it's all a form of self-expression,” Schofield said. “Personally my tattoos make me more confident . . . I have gone through a lot of body image issues as I am [female-to ...
  • Self-expression that lasts a lifetime | Mint | dailyevergreen.com - The Daily Evergreen Feb 16, 2017
    The Daily EvergreenSelf-expression that lasts a lifetime | Mint | dailyevergreen.comThe Daily EvergreenTelisa Swan does touch-up work on Brian Keeny's tattoo on Tuesday at Swan Family Ink. Rachel Sun | The Daily Evergreen. There is always a certain invisible ...and more »
  • Kids Get a Lesson in Self-Expression at LA's New Drag Queen Story Hour - L.A. Weekly Feb 14, 2017
    L.A. WeeklyKids Get a Lesson in Self-Expression at LA's New Drag Queen Story HourL.A. WeeklyOn a Sunday at Stories Books in Echo Park, Michelle Tea takes the stage to introduce a room full of parents and kids to Pickle, their storyteller for the day. “Drag queens wear very glamorous, pretty and fantastical dresses, sometimes fantastical pants ...
  • Adults can explore self-expression in art - Kearney Hub Feb 14, 2017
    Adults can explore self-expression in artKearney HubThis inclusive program is designed for adults with cognitive/developmental disabilities, but everyone is welcome. The focus will be on exploring the possibilities of art and self-expression through drawing, painting, collage and more. Certified ...
  • The Ramapough have a protected right to self-expression - NorthJersey.com Feb 14, 2017
    NorthJersey.comThe Ramapough have a protected right to self-expressionNorthJersey.comThe Ramapough Lenape Nation is part of the great Lenape nation that populated broad swaths of what are now the Middle Atlantic States, from Connecticut to Maryland, when the first Europeans sailed across the ocean to seize land we had lived on since ...
  • From Selfie to Self Expression, and how smartphone snaps made it into the gallery - Creative Boom (blog) Feb 2, 2017
    Creative Boom (blog)From Selfie to Self Expression, and how smartphone snaps made it into the galleryCreative Boom (blog)Entitled From Selfie to Self-Expression, the exhibition traces the history of capturing oneself in image from Old Masters works to today's smartphone snaps. Among the artists featured are Kutluğ Ataman, Christopher Baker, Juno Calypso, Tracey Emin, Van ...
  • Breaking the code: How tech skills can be key for self expression - Ink Jan 31, 2017
    InkBreaking the code: How tech skills can be key for self expressionInkA coder, a crafter and a serial entrepreneur, Ventura Rangel, 28, of Overland Park, has developed two apps, started five businesses and, three years ago, ...and more »
  • Self-Expression- I AM Inspiration - The Good Men Project Jan 27, 2017
    The Good Men ProjectSelf-Expression- I AM InspirationThe Good Men ProjectWhat I found through this process is True-Self expression is being who you are 24/7 and not sacrificing that for anything. My True-Self Expression comes through being a Dad, my yoga practice, my writing, my work and yes even asking for help when needed.
  • 'I'm Bursting With Self-Expression': Grammy-Nominated Producer ... - Billboard Jan 27, 2017
    Billboard'I'm Bursting With Self-Expression': Grammy-Nominated Producer ...BillboardProducer to the stars Ricky Reed releases his single 'Be The 1.'and more »



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