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scrabble : a disorderly struggle for possession of something; scramble: After the fumble, there was a scrabble for the football (scrabble, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

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Fighting dirty in Scrabble (Mehal Shah)

How to Play Scrabble (Howcast)


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Game Scrabble - Google News
  • Tabletop games provide offline fun across generations - Martins Ferry Times Leader Yesterday
    Tabletop games provide offline fun across generationsMartins Ferry Times LeaderHe and Patricia, 35, will play traditional games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Pictionary and Scattergories, but they play them using Apple TV and their phones. “It's just a way to get together with close friends and have fun. I enjoy the interactions ...
  • Why Scrabble needs to be recognised as an international sport - Metro Yesterday
    MetroWhy Scrabble needs to be recognised as an international sportMetroTo play Scrabble competitively, your mastery of language must be exceptional. Played at a world-class level, Scrabble requires a tremendous amount of skill and is incredibly competitive. And of course, achieving the top score is what the game's all about.
  • Sport scrabble is game for a laugh - Shields Gazette Feb 16, 2017
    Sport scrabble is game for a laughShields GazetteI enjoy the odd game of Scrabble but no way would I call it a sport but a guy who became Scrabble World Champion last September, after coming off six months of training and dieting, thinks the board game should be saying “It has all the mental ...
  • Game of words - Bangalore Mirror Feb 11, 2017
    Bangalore MirrorGame of wordsBangalore MirrorWe don't care,” laughs off old-timer Radhika Mahalingaiah, 59, adding, “The game of Scrabble has its own dictionary. It's called Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist (with more than 2,76,000 playable words drawn from different languages). The US follows ...
  • World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram from Camborne wants the board game classed as a sport - Cornwall Live Feb 7, 2017
    Cornwall LiveWorld Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram from Camborne wants the board game classed as a sportCornwall LiveCamborne's world scrabble champion has embarked on an ambitious campaign to have the board game recognised as a sport. Recruitment consultant Brett Smitheram, 37, was crowned World Scrabble Champion in September when he toppled fellow Brit ...


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