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horse : a large solid-hoofed herbivorous ungulate mammal domesticated since prehistoric times and used as a beast of burden, a draft animal, or for riding (horse, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords


Removing horses from the wild (PBS)
Horses - Wild horses


Here are some other famous mammals:
air, flying blank.gif chiroptera blank.gifbat
water, marine blank.gif sirenian blank.gif manatee blank.gif pinniped blank.gifsealblank.gifwalrus
land blank.gif rodentia blank.gifmouse blank.gif lagomorpha blank.gifrabbit blank.gif artiodactyla blank.gifdeerblank.gifcamelblank.gifgiraffeblank.gifpigblank.gifcowblank.gifsheep
blank.gif perissodactyla blank.gif horse blank.gif proboscidea blank.gifelephantblank.gifmammothblank.gifblank.gif carnivora blank.gifcatblank.giflionblank.giftigerblank.gifdogblank.gifwolfblank.gif bear
ice, marine blank.gif carnivora blank.gifpolar bear

These are the most intelligent mammals:
cetacean blank.gifwhaleblank.gifdolphinblank.gifporpoiseblank.gif
primate blank.gifgorillablank.gifmonkeyblank.gifapeblank.gifsee also human


Horse Breeds

The Electronic Zoo, Horses

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Secretariat Movie Trailer

Wild Horses (Natasha Bedingfield)

I Am - Horses (Hillary Duff singing, video of horses)

My REALLY little pony: Einstein, the world's smallest stallion, gets set for first birthday

Challenge of the Stallions (PBS)

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Horses News -- ScienceDaily
  • When horses are in trouble they ask humans for help Dec 15, 2016
    When horses face unsolvable problems, they use visual and tactile signals to get human attention and ask for help, a new study has demonstrated. The study also suggests that horses alter their communicative behavior based on humans' knowledge of the situation.
  • Wild horse overpopulation is causing environmental damage Dec 7, 2016
    Most Americans envision healthy mustangs galloping free on the range when they think about the country's wild horse population. But one expert sees another image.
  • The Emperor's new coats: History of horse coat colors Dec 7, 2016
    Human preferences for horse coat colours have changed greatly over time and across cultures. Spotted and diluted horses were more frequent from the beginning of domestication until the end of the Roman Empire, whereas solid colours (bay, black and chestnut) were predominant in the Middle Ages, researchers have found.
  • Tail hairs reveal dietary choices of three horse species in the Gobi Desert Nov 30, 2016
    Przewalski’s horse, a species of wild horse that has been successfully reintroduced to the Gobi Desert, shares its pasture grounds with wild asses and free-roaming domestic horses. A scarce supply of food could lead to food competition among the different species, especially if they make the same dietary choices. A team led by researchers therefore chemically analyzed the tail hairs of the animals to determine the seasonal dietary habits of the three species.
  • Management of feral horses an ongoing challenge in the United States Nov 29, 2016
    Solutions to reduce herd sizes of feral horses in the United States face issues of ethics and perception, according to a new article.

Comments on: BLM Postpones Removal of Pryor Wild Horses

    Horses - Google News
    • 'The Horse Logger' Makes Stop In Hominy On Cross-Country Ride - News On 6 Yesterday
      News On 6'The Horse Logger' Makes Stop In Hominy On Cross-Country RideNews On 6At 3 miles per hour in a horse-drawn wagon, a Montana man is making his way across America for the fourth time. Lee "The Horse Logger" and his team took a break Sunday evening in Hominy. Lee and his trio of horses are calling Hominy home for the night, ...
    • A cowgirl's goodbye: Irving woman sells horse to pay for her own ... - 9NEWS.com Yesterday
      9NEWS.comA cowgirl's goodbye: Irving woman sells horse to pay for her own ...9NEWS.comIRVING -- When you meet new people, you never know what impact they'll end up having on your life. Same goes for animals. Roxie is a 14 hands and 3 inches ...Irving woman selling horse to pay for funeral | abc13.comKTRK-TVall 4 news articles »
    • Local horse rescue group in need of volunteers - WMDT Yesterday
      WMDTLocal horse rescue group in need of volunteersWMDTTruitt says the majority of the horses that come through her farms are former race horses. She tells us when she was younger her family was involved in horse racing. When she was with her grandparents, she quickly learned that race horses have a bleak ...
    • Saddle-trained horses, one burro up for adoption - Elko Daily Free Press Yesterday
      Elko Daily Free PressSaddle-trained horses, one burro up for adoptionElko Daily Free PressRENO — The Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Department of Corrections – Silver State Industries are hosting a saddle-trained wild horse and burro adoption event Feb. 25 at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center south of Carson City.
    • Horses, Hopps and Cops annual NOPD mounted division fundraiser is Monday - WGNO Yesterday
      WGNOHorses, Hopps and Cops annual NOPD mounted division fundraiser is MondayWGNOThe mounted division is also looking to purchase additional land for their 24 horse team and maintenance costs for the facility and its residents do add up. That's why purchasing a beer, saying hello to our brothers and sisters in blue and snagging ...


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