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humor : (1) that quality which appeals to a sense of the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous (2) the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous (3) something that is or is designed to be comical or amusing (humor, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
Humour, or humor, is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humours (Latin: humor, "body fluid"), controlled human health and emotion.

People of all ages and cultures respond to humour. Most people are able to experience humour—be amused, smile or laugh at something funny—and thus are considered to have a sense of humour. The hypothetical person lacking a sense of humour would likely find the behaviour induced by humour to be inexplicable, strange, or even irrational. Though ultimately decided by personal taste, the extent to which a person finds something humorous depends on a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, intelligence and context. For example, young children may favour slapstick such as Punch and Judy puppet shows or cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, whose physical nature makes it accessible to them. By contrast, sophisticated forms of humour such as satire require an understanding of its social meaning and context, and thus tend to appeal to the mature audience. (Humour, 2015) [2] Wikipedia


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Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' goodbye a 'love fest'

Jon Stewart leaving show after 15 years

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Obama Wanted to Know Why I’m ‘Such an Asshole’

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pun : the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound (pun, 2015) [3]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
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comic : 1) of, relating to, or marked by comedy <a comic actor> (2) causing laughter or amusement : funny (3) of or relating to comic strips (comic, 2015) [4]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

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comedy : (1) a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending (2) the genre of dramatic literature dealing with the comic or with the serious in a light or satirical manner (3) a ludicrous or farcical event or series of events(4) humorous entertainment (comedy, 2015) [5]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

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SNL 40th Anniversary Special

SNL App Debuts Before Show's 40th Anniversary

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joke : (1) something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist (2) the humorous or ridiculous element in something (3) an instance of jesting : kidding (joke, 2015) [6]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
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insult : (1) to treat with insolence, indignity, or contempt (2) to affect offensively or damagingly (insult, 2015) [7]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
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Stupidity & Failure

stupid : (1) slow of mind (2) given to unintelligent decisions or acts (3) marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless <a stupid decision> (4) lacking interest or point (stupid, 2015) [8]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
failure : (1) omission of occurrence or performance (2) an abrupt cessation of normal functioning (3) a fracturing or giving way under stress (4) lack of success (5) a failing (6) deterioration, decay (7) one that has failed (failure, 2015) [9]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
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Highway Scare Prank on Wife

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mischief : (1) action that annoys or irritates (2) the quality or state of being mischievous (mischief, 2015) [10]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
practical joke : a prank intended to trick or embarrass someone or cause physical discomfort (practical joke, 2015) [11]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
prank : a mildly mischievous act (prank, 2015) [12]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords

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The púca (or pooka, phouka, phooca, púka; Irish for goblin) is a creature of Irish folklore and Welsh mythology, one of the myriad fairy folk, both revered and feared by those who give credence to their existence. (Púca, 2015) [13]blank.gif Wikipedia

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