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Neptune : (1) the Roman god of the sea (2) the planet eighth in order from the sun (Neptune, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords


The Nine Planets - Neptune

Neptune: Fastest winds in the Solar System


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Solar System Exploration, Neptune (NASA)
Photo Journal, Neptune (NASA, JPL)

Neptune's birthday and a beautiful piece of maths (Alex Hudson, BBC News)

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Solar System Exploration, Neptune's Rings (NASA)

Neptune's Ring System (Planetary Rings Node)

Rings of Neptune (Wikipedia)


natural satellites are called moons

Solar System Exploration, Neptune's Moons (NASA)


Neptune's moon Triton (AggManUK)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Triton (NASA)
Triton (Wikipedia)
Triton (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Nereid (NASA)
Nereid (Wikipedia)
Nereid (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Naiad (NASA)
Naiad (Wikipedia)
Naiad (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Thalassa (NASA)
Thalassa (Wikipedia)
Thalassa(Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Despina (NASA)
Despina (Wikipedia)
Despina (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Larissa (NASA)
Larissa (Wikipedia)
Larissa (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Proteus (NASA)
Proteus (Wikipedia)
Proteus (Go Astronomy)

Solar System Exploration, Neptune, Galatea (NASA)
Galatea (Wikipedia)
Galatea (Go Astronomy)

(+ 5 unnamed moons)


Planet Neptune - Google News
  • Is the Phantom Planet Real? - Air & Space Magazine Yesterday
    Air & Space MagazineIs the Phantom Planet Real?Air & Space MagazineSheppard and Trujillo used the Blanco, one of the telescopes at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, to see way past the outer planets of the solar system and past the Kuiper Belt, a doughnut-shaped region beyond Neptune that is 30 to ...
  • Newly-found distant 'warm Neptune' has primitive atmosphere - Deccan Chronicle May 20, 2017
    Deccan ChronicleNewly-found distant 'warm Neptune' has primitive atmosphereDeccan ChronicleThe discovery of such a primordial atmosphere on this Neptune-sized planet has implications for how scientists think about the birth and development of planetary systems. Compared to Neptune and Uranus, the planets in our solar system with about the ...
  • Planet Classification: How to Group Exoplanets - Space.com - Space.com May 19, 2017
    Space.comPlanet Classification: How to Group Exoplanets - Space.comSpace.comWith thousands of exoplanet candidates discovered, astronomers are starting to figure out how to group them in order to describe them and understand them ...and more »
  • A moon for the 3rd-largest dwarf planet - EarthSky May 19, 2017
    EarthSkyA moon for the 3rd-largest dwarf planetEarthSkyThis object is one of several of the uncounted icy bodies in that region of space – beyond the outermost major planet, Neptune – that has been categorized as a dwarf planet. That's because it's relatively big, the third-biggest dwarf planet known after ..."Snow White" the Dwarf Planet Has Its Own MoonScientific AmericanAstronomers Discover Moon Orbiting Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10Sci-News.comHubble Spots Moon Around Third Largest D...
  • Neptune-Like Exoplanet Spotted That Has A Watery Atmosphere - Collective Evolution May 17, 2017
    Collective EvolutionNeptune-Like Exoplanet Spotted That Has A Watery AtmosphereCollective EvolutionThis may reveal in turn that we know less about how Neptune-like worlds form than previously assumed. “The exciting thing about this field is that we have no idea if this is an unusual or typical planet, because it's the lowest-mass planet for which we ...

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