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planet : any of the large bodies that revolve around a star (planet, 2015) [1]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords
dwarf planet : a celestial body that orbits the sun and has a spherical shape but is not large enough to disturb other objects from its orbit (dwarf planet, 2015) [2]blank.gifWebster | OneLook | Visuwords


What is a Planet?
The Dwarf Planets

Pluto, Eris, and Dwarf Planets of Outer Solar System
Dwarf Planets and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

Solar System Exploration, Dwarf planets (NASA)

Take a tour of the solar system's dwarf planets (Mike Wall, Space.com)
Pluto's fall from grace classification led way for Eris, Haumea, Makemake and Ceres

Planets beyond Neptune

New Planet Found, Smaller Than Earth, Orbiting Distant Star (Ned Potter, ABC News)



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solar system
planets blank.gif Mercury | Venus | Earth | Mars | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune blank.gif
dwarf planets blank.gif Ceres | Pluto | Haumea | Makemake | Eris


How Many Planets? (They Might Be Giants)

Solar System Simulator

Solar System Exploration, planets (NASA)

NASA Planets

A Traveler's Guide to the Planets (National Geographic Channel)

Around the Solar System (Boston.com)

Table of Planets (Merriam-Webster)

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

The Planets of the Solar System (Go-Astronomy)

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A planetary ring is a ring of cosmic dust and other small particles orbiting around a planet in a flat disc-shaped region. The most spectacular planetary rings known are those around Saturn, but the other three gas giants of the solar system (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) possess ring systems of their own. (Planetary ring, 2015) [3]blank.gif Wikipedia blank.gif
The Hunt for Ringed Planets

Planetary Rings Node

The rings of Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune


Moons of the Planets (Go-Astronomy)

The moons of Earth | Mars | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune blank.gif dwarf planets blank.gif Eris | Pluto | Haumea

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Closest is Proxima Centauri b

The exoplanet next door

Alien World 'Proxima b' Around Nearest Star Could Be Earth-Like

ESOcast 87: Planet found around closest Star (European Southern Observatory)

Proxima Centauri b - Press Conference at ESO HQ - HD

Closest potentially habitable planet to our solar system found (Ashley Strickland, CNN)
A Potentially Habitable World in Our Nearest Star (Abel Mendez, Planetary Habitability Laboratory)
Planet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star (European Southern Observatory)
Proxima b is our neighbor… better get used to it! (Pale Red Dot)
A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri (Nature)


Three Earth-like planets found outside the Solar System

3 Strange Worlds Circling A Cool Star Might Be Prime Spots To Support Life (Nell Greenfieldboyce)
Scientists discover potentially habitable planets (Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office)
Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star (Michaël Gillon, et. al., Nature)

Solar System Exploration, Beyond our Solar System (NASA)
NASA Planet Quest, 3D New Worlds Atlas

Extrasolar Planets News -- ScienceDaily
  • Minor planet named Bernard Friday
    A minor planet in the Solar System will officially be known as Bernardbowen from today after Australian citizen science project theSkyNet won a competition to name the celestial body.
  • The heart of a far-off star beats for its planet Feb 14, 2017
    For the first time, astronomers have observed a star pulsing in response to its orbiting planet. The star, which goes by the name HAT-P-2, is about 400 light years from Earth and is circled by a gas giant measuring eight times the mass of Jupiter -- one of the most massive exoplanets known today.
  • Team makes planet hunting a group effort, finds more than 100 candidates Feb 13, 2017
    An international team of astronomers released the largest-ever compilation of exoplanet-detecting observations made using a technique called the radial velocity method. They demonstrated how these observations can be used to hunt for planets by detecting more than 100 potential exoplanets, including one orbiting the fourth-closest star to our own Solar System, which is about 8.1 light years away from Earth.
  • Dwarf star 200 light years away contains life's building blocks Feb 9, 2017
    Many scientists believe the Earth was initially dry and that water, carbon and nitrogen -- the building blocks for life -- likely came as a result of collisions with objects that began their lives in the cold outer reaches of our solar system. Today, scientists report discovery of the existence of just such an object -- one that once orbited a neighboring star.
  • Massive comet-like object pollutes atmosphere of a white dwarf Feb 9, 2017
    For the first time, scientists have witnessed a massive object with the makeup of a comet being ripped apart and scattered in the atmosphere of a white dwarf, the burned-out remains of a compact star.


NASA spots 54 potentially life-friendly planets (Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer)

Top 10 Places To Find Alien Life (Lauren Effron, Discovery News)

Did We Meet Martians 36 Years Ago?.Analysis (Ray Villard, Discovery News)

Kepler News and Features



Eyes on the Solar System (NASA, JPL)

News stories about NASA's Eyes on the Solar System...

NASA Gives Public New Internet Tool to Explore the Solar System (NASA, JPL)

NASA Gives Public New Internet Tool to Explore the Solar System (Space Daily)

New NASA site offers solar system and time travel: Mission data from 1950 to 2050 for your viewing (Brid-Aine Parnell, The Register)


View Anyplace from Anyplace (NASA, JPL)

JRX Graphix Flash5

3D Solar System (Luke Wood)

Adjustable Gravity (LostVectorys)

Orbit Game (First Science.com)

Space Flight Simulator (Martin Schweiger)


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