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cosmos : Greek kosmos (masculine) an orderly harmonious systematic universe Webster
cosma : Greek kosma (feminine) an orderly harmonious systematic description of the universe Hopper

Cosma is a free and public portal to the universe of knowledge!
It is a knowledge navigation nexus for the Web and beyond...

Cosma is a powerful way to experience, explore, enjoy and master knowledge!

It is designed to lead you through many layers of increasing access, involvement and interpretation. It can be just a fun pastime, the master textbook that you never got, or a valuable disciplinary tool.

Cosma is also founded upon the premise that when knowledge is intuitively organized and presented in a spatial or visual format, everyone can master it quickly and easily. That is why you will find a variety of interfaces to this site.

This web site and the Knowledge Places sites in SecondLife are actually just the newest iteration of a very old project that is based upon over thirty years of deliberate research and development in information and communication systems, utilities and "virtual knowledge environments."

The technology platform, content inventory, target audience and motivational strategy all evolved through many iterations, and they are now at a place where they function together to provide a powerful, innovative product ready to be shared with the public. more...

Cosma moved on 01/07/2017! This site is an archive that is here for historical purposes, and it is no longer updated. Check out the new site at Cosma.org ...

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