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spatial gallery (3D)

This version of Cosma had a 3D interface that allowed you to browse content spatially!

Cosma used the virtual world SecondLife to provide a 3D interface to this site beginning in 2006.
The SecondLife interface consisted of a series of virtual spaces designed around inviting metaphors.
The spaces had hundreds of interactive objects such as animals, vehicles, rides and games.
There were also a number of "Magic Doors" that serve as portals to interesting SecondLife sites.
Most importantly, there were “Magic Windows” and other special objects that you could click on
to open a browser window to display subject specific pages on this and other web sites.
There is one example of a site that is still available for you to explore. Check it out!


Knowledge Park, Exploration Area (K-Place v.1.6)
Providing a free and public Knowledge Navigation Nexus
to the best of SecondLife and the Web since 2006!

Here is a video "walk-through" of Knowledge Park.

Experiments are underway to (re)implement the 3D interface using Unity 3D,
and there are also ongoing experiments to convert this site to Wordpress.

Cosma Interface in Unity 3D

Here is a "walk-through" of one of the more important experiments.

Here are two more experiments that use both Unity 3D and Wordpress.

Cosma 3D Experiences Directory & Gallery

This interface accesses one of Cosma's new sister sites named Cosma 3D.
It uses Wordpress and has more content about VR and 3D than this site.

Here is a video walk-through to give you a sense of how the application functions.
Notice that every poster and most objects link to content and interactive activities.

Visit the Cosma 3D site for more information and to download the application...

New Computer Museum, Virtual Edition


The New Computer Museum is an experiment
with creating a 3D interface to one of Cosma's sister sites that is an extension of
the content on the computer page on this site. The goal is twofold.

It demonstrates the vision of what the “real life (RL)” New Computer Museum has the
potential to become, and it stands on its own as a valuable educational experience.
Here is a short walk-through to give you a sense of how the application functions.

Visit the New Computer Museum for more information and to download the application...


The above are just the newest generations of experiments with creating
interesting 3D spatial interfaces to fun, high quality 2D and 3D content.
The first generation of experiments were created in Apple's HyperCard.
Here is a much longer history of Cosma and Knowledge Places...

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